A lot of so-called daddy diaper bags are nothing more than lined messenger bags with cammo on the outside. Oh, the cammo – that ubiquitous indicator of paternal appropriateness.

So we were psyched to see what the good folks at Dr Moz were up to when they told us they had been busy crafting a top-secret extra fancy dad bag in their underground lair for the past year. After all, we’re already fans of their awesome new papa gift, the Goodfather CD-ROM.

Indeed, the Stork Tools Daddy Diaper Bag looks as terrific as we expected, from the stylish two-toned exterior to the superhero-esque logo on the front. In addition to the shoulder strap, there’s a beefy (their term) stroller-ready handle, the inside space is monstrous, and pockets are plentiful including two just for bottles.

And of course the MP3 holder with earbud port is the clearest sign for your man that this was designed by men themselves. Because God forbid your sigOth carries something that looks even remotely like a purse. A fate worse than death.

Snatch one up for your man of the house, stat. That way you can hand him the kid and run out for a pedicure. -Liz

Congrats to Stork Tools bag winner Kathy H!