To be perfectly honest, it’s not just cleaning that I avoid – I haven’t changed over to environmentally friendly cleaning products just yet. Although I have started to notice that all those chemicals may be giving me more of a headache than the actual cleaning.

But now I’m sniffing the sweet smell of lavender thanks to my new All-Purpose cleaner by EPIC. I realize that lately there are tons of "green" cleaning products popping up all over the place, but many of them are great for the environment, not so great on the grease. EPIC is different. Their slew of safe, non-toxic cleaning supplies give all that mainstream toxic crap a run for its money.

In fact, my clean-obsessed husband was completely won over by the All-Purpose Cleaner as well as the dish soap (mmmm Citrus & Ginger). And that’s seriously an endorsement.

You’ll find a ton of EPIC supplies (and lots more greeny goodness) at Buy Green. -Kristen

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