If there’s something I’ve noticed about tweens, other than their total obsession with Hannah What’s-Her-Name, is that they really like stuff with their name on it. Now put it on a hot leather cuff that’s got celebrity sightings attached and you’ve got yourself a winning gift.

Designer Dillon Rogers has a press page that reads like the Golden Globe invite list. And for good reason. From the clean embossing to the unique closure, they are sure to please anyone from the picky preteen to the leather lovin’ alterna-mama. Now I think her personalized leather cuffs are fantastic for the underage set, but my personal faves are the vintage style pieces and the wrap-around bracelets.

Considering the plethora of choices, you will most certainly find something that will knock their socks off. Or leggings. Or whatever they’re wearing these days. -Kristen 

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