A recent (and costly) side trip with my co-editor Kristen to the San Francisco MOMA last week found us salivating over the jewelry cases in the gift shop. Apologies to the staff for the drool marks on the glass.

The collection they have is absolutely amazing, with artists represented from all over the world and pieces to suit any budget. North Carolina native Faryn Davis’s resin necklaces with preserved leaves and other fibers made us go oooooh. On the higher end we were totally digging the sterling pieces from Reiko Ishiyama, especially the pendant with its truly unique clasp. (Which led to a discussion about how real artists let no aspect of their jewelry go undesigned.) And Francesca Amfitheatrof’s necklaces from spun 18k vermeil threads, shown here, blew our mind. Very Rumplestilskin.

So what did I walk out of there with? A knotted sterling ring from Argentinian artist Gabriel Horvat that I haven’t taken off yet. Don’t bother looking for it – I’ve got the only one. But hey, you can still get the necklace, pin or earrings. We’ll be twins. –Liz


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