If you’re to catch a glimpse of Quinlan and Thalia (the CMP co-founders’ oldest daughters) at the pool or beach this summer, chances are they’ll be wearing a Made U Look dress found at CMP retail hot spot The Silly Wagon.

Aside from the fact that they are completely adorable, these dresses are super soft and comfortable. In fact, my daughter has begged me on more than one occasion if she can wear it to bed. My personal fave of the new summer line is the Hopskotch Champion (pictured), but the Gumball dress comes in at a pretty close second.

They definitely run small and a bit on the narrow side, so order a size up for an awesome lounge by the pool or stroll along the boardwalk type dress. That is, if you can limit her to wearing it only at those times.

Based on our own experiences? Good luck on that one. -Kristen

Use code “GETMADE” for 15% off your purchase at The Silly Wagon!


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