i-4635f87551c8f77351f4cec576543d3b-yhst-72009421256733_1938_26138-thumb-200x88.gifLately we’re finding so many cool companies that are developing products and services to help parents of kids with allergies or medical conditions and we’re all shouting a big collective whoo! about it. One of them is the parent-invented ICE Packet.

No, not that kind of ice packet. This one is basically a little doodad that hooks to your kid’s backpack or a keychain that holds a USB flash drive. On it, all your kids’ medical and emergency info that you’ve input using a very smart, very simple application. Just stick the drive into your computer (macs too) and start filing in the blanks. It couldn’t be easier. And the little medical icon on the outside tells caretakers and EMT-types right away that this is what they’re looking for should (heaven forbid) the occasion arise.

What’s especially great is that it’s water-resistant, so kids can tote it to camp or pool parties and you don’t have to worry about it the way you would with a folded piece of paper in a swim trunk pocket. You still have to worry about your kids, of course. Only maybe now just a teeny bit less. –Liz

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