i-f147acbfd1e78f67486fcb4d8c9f09c6-mom-a-licious-thumb-200x201.jpgDespite my usual aversion to cutesy names, I have to concede that Domenica Catelli’s Mom-a-licious cookbook delivers deliciously on what its subtitle claims: Fresh, fast, family food. And what family doesn’t want fresh, fast food?

The pictures are gorgeous, the recipes simple (and they even include tips for which parts the kids can do with you), and the result is a fabulous resource for the what-should-we-have-for-dinner blues that never leaves me wondering why a cookbook assumes I have capers on hand. Hint: I don’t.

There are particularly good sections on baby food here, but even if you’re past the pureed veggies stage of parenting, this go-to manual will take up residence on your kitchen counter.

And while it seems like a tiny detail, let me tell you what sealed the deal for me — Mom-a-licious has a spiral binding, which means it lays flat while you cook, unlike some of my other cookbooks. (I’m looking at you, Joy of Cooking.) – Mir

Congratulations to Traci S, winner of an autographed copy of Mom-a-licious!