Check out any of the mom message boards and you’ll find members bragging about having used Born Free bottles since 2006 before everyone knew the dangers of BPA or knew how to pronounce Phthalates. As for the rest of us–me included– we’re now freaking out a little about what our kids were sucking on for the first year or so of their lives.

Invented by dads, Born Free bottles are pretty smart. They’ve got softer nipples than most and a venting system (similar to Dr. Browns) that yes, is a pain to wash out, but sure beats having a miserable gassy baby. And of course you can boil the bottles or toss them in the dishwasher with no fear since they’re not made of polycarbonate plastic. Although for those who are truly plastic averse, they’ve also got a new line of glass baby bottles.

Born Free also makes safe sippy cups called Training Cups which they can’t seem to keep in stock – you might have better luck at Target or Amazon. Stock up while you can, they sell like hotcakes. BPA-free hotcakes. -Liz

Here’s something cool: If your baby is born TODAY, Father’s Day 2008, you’re going to get a year’s worth of Born Free bottles free for a year – although we wonder how many that is. You do wash them out and reuse them, right? If you qualify, well congrats on both counts.

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