Okay, so you know we’re getting a little sucked into the world of enviro-shopping when we eagerly await a new SKU. But Klean Kanteen, a favorite safer sipper of mindful parents everywhere, has just taken the giant leap from regular old stainless into the glorious world of technicolor and we admit, we’ve been looking forward to it.

Bright orange, ocean blue, and bubble gum pink disguise the fact that these aren’t fashion accessories, but really smart sports bottles. Well, they’re kind of both. Klean Kanteens are free of BPA and toxins, keep a whole lot of plastic bottles out of landfill, and don’t make your water (or juice or soup or smoothie) taste like metal. I also like that the mouths are wide enough to plop in a few ice cues – and to get a bottle brush in there and give it a good scrub when you’re done.

Find a great selection of eco-friendly stainless water bottles at Klean Kanteen, from the 12 ounce sippy cup for kids to the big old 27 ouncer for you.