We’ve been getting so many requests for camp picks now that some of those babies are growing up we thought it would be fun to set you up with some of our favorites this week. Happy camping!


I still remember my first “care package” sent to me at overnight camp and how exciting it was to not only get mail, but mail that had food in it. Instant popularity.

Eleni’s bakery can help you hook up your favorite campers with the ultimate care package via their awesome Great Outdoors collection. of all-natural cookies. Whether your kid is homesick or just sick of Jello for dessert, these cookies will let him know you care. In that “I care about you because I’m sending you something made with sugar” sort of way that kids totally appreciate.

If you’re not familiar with Eleni’s, these local NYC bakers are known for their whimsical, professionally decorated, all-natural creations. Don’t even tell me that you can make ones as nice at home because just there’s no way.

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