Clearly the best way to cut down on environmental waste as far as bottled water goes is not to drink it at all. But we know that’s not always realistic. But if you’re in a building with old scary pipes or you’ve got a choice at the local store between a h20 and something with high-fructose corn syrup and caramel color, we’re all about the bottled water.

Primo water can make you feel a wee bit better about your purchase since all the bottles are made from corn, which is renewable, as opposed to crude oil which is, well…crude oil. Consider that all those plastic bottles on the market use up about a billion gallons of gas a year. Check the site to find out where to buy Primo water by the case near you, or if you’re looking for the big old 5 gallon jugs for your kitchen or office, they’re at Amazon along with tabletop water cooler for just $65.

What sold me in the end though is that this US-sourced spring water actually tastes good. And if you don’t think there’s a difference, then you’ve never been stuck hungover in a hotel room with nothing but Evian –Liz


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