Edited to add: Fliggity is no longer in existence.

My daughter, like most kids, is more than willing to share how old she’s going to be at her next birthday. But now instead of trying to hold up four fingers, she can just use one and point to her cool number 4 shirt from Fliggity.

You’ll find a plethora of bright cotton t-shirts and fun fabrics that are as close as it gets to getting your kid’s age in lights. Each one is embroidered with love by owner and mom Lisa Leake, and unlike the customary birthday crown (which we realize is still essential to any celebration), they can actually get use for a good 364 days after the big day is over.

Just make sure to put your little one in it as often as possible. If she’s anything like mine, she’ll be telling everyone she’s almost five the day after her birthday. -Kristen

PS Happy birthday to Kristen’s daughter Quinlan who turns four Monday and Liz’s daughter Thalia who’s three tomorrow.

Congratulations to Hyon-hee and Christy R, winners of the boy and girl “How Old Am I?” shirts!


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