While searching for hair clips that weren’t drenched in lace and ribbon, I happened upon the impossibility that is Giddy Giddy, and their totally cool felt creations that launched my daughter’s infatuation with barrettes. So leave it to them to fuel her handbag addiction now too.

Mom and designer Teri Dimalanta has added ridiculously sweet pouches to her slew of irresistible wool felt clips. Each pouch is individually handcrafted from a variety of textiles and patterns, all of which include just a smidgen of pre-loved fabrics. I’m completely in love with the little red elephant bag (pictured), but would happily indulge my daughter with the owl

You can find a wonderful selection of Giddy Giddy pouches, along with their brand new pony tail holders at the Itty Bitty Lady Bug-Kristen 


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