I never liked the idea of push presents. I guess the notion of demanding some sort of $6000 tennis bracelet or Birkin bag for having a child seems more like an excuse to ask for something expensive that you wanted anyway. What I do love however, is the idea of a sigOth who is so absolutely smitten with you and your miraculous childbearing prowess that a symbolic gift to commemorate the occasion is procured with love and admiration.

Is that too much to ask?

New York (by way of Paris) jewelry artist Sylvette Blaimont, a favorite of celebs like Brooke Shields and Naomi Watts, can custom stamp her sets of high-end bangles or stacking rings as you choose. Try a date, a name, the first five words of your favorite nursery rhyme – you name it. The 18k gold will cost you about what a private room in a New York City l&d ward will cost you for three nights and the silver about half that. Which is all the more reason that you will weep uncontrollably when you open the box, while blaming it on your hormones.  –Liz


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