One of our favorite jewelry artists, Amy Tavern, has just came up with a brilliant idea. Well, besides making really gorgeous pieces encoded with some sort of secret chip that sends signals to my brain making me want to buy every single one.

She’s just launched a Jewelry of the Month collection for women who are really excited by one-of-a-kind pieces and experimental work from artists. No, it’s not a club where you get a new piece every 30 days (although that would be great too). Instead, it’s a section of her website where you can check out very limited edition pieces all under $120 that will only be available through the end of the month unless they’re sold first.

Amy started this month with a set of lovely silver and embroidery floss necklaces inspired by the blues she fell in love with on a trip to Greece, and coming up, we’ve heard rumblings about materials like vintage wallpapers and collaborations with glass artists.

Email to be the first to get word of the new pieces. If you beat me to it. –Liz


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