The average American school year is 180 days long, which translates to a whole lot of lunches to pack. It’d
only be a number of days before I was sending my kids off to the bus stop
with a can of tuna, a can opener and a note saying, “please don’t hurt
yourself with this”. 

All kidding aside, I know my kids would get pretty tired of my standard lunchbox fare a few weeks into it so here’s one way to make an effort to shake things up: Pack
one of these incredibly tasty Whoopie Pies from Wicked Whoopies in
between the carrot sticks and soy butter on whole wheat, and imagine
their reaction when they sit down at the lunch table.  Made in Maine by a mom of two with a penchant for baking, these pies are so good, you’ll have to hide them from

Order a dozen of the standard pies for $24, or spend a few dollars more for a variety
pack and chose from flavors such as Vanilla Bean, Oatmeal Cream,
Chocolate Lovers and my favorite, Raspberry & Cream. Once shipped, these individually wrapped pies can last a good two weeks in the fridge and a year in the freezer. But you’ll never get a chance to find out. Christina


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