Allergies seem to be taking over the world, and as I’m about to add “parent of schoolchild” to my resume, I admit  I’m nervous about bake sale duty. If it’s not nuts, it’s gluten. If it’s not gluten it’s eggs. And now I’m hearing about food coloring allergies? I’m terrified to make anything besides water with maybe a squeeze of lemon.

Indeed I was delighted to have discovered the Nature’s Colors line of baking and decorating goodies from Seattle’s India Tree. These sugars and other edible sparkly things are absolutely magazine-quality gorgeous, with colors like periwinkle blue and raspberry red. And yet? They’re made entirely from vegetable colors without artificial anything.

If food coloring isn’t a dietary concern of yours, check out India Tree’s eight zillion other decoratifs that help your cupcakes nab your school an easy buck each instead of a quarter.

A good selection is available online at ChefTools or or live and in person at WholeFoods. –Liz