There is one definite problem with toting your eco-friendly 21st century reusable water bottle around, and that is, eventually it runs out of water. At least if you’re me and you drink like a fish all day long. Then I’m stuck toting around an empty aluminum bottle, and having to buy a bottle of water at the nearest deli. Lame.

I have just been introduced to the Fit & Fresh LivPURE filtered water bottle. Yes, “Fit & Fresh” sounds like some kind of low-fat yogurt. But it’s not. It’s an ergonomic plastic bottle, BPA- and Pthalate-free, with a small filter between the water and the sippy part at top. So fill it with whatever water is around, and as you tilt to drink, it filters out up to 50% of the chlorine, plus other stuff you’d rather not pass through your–or your kids’–lips. The filter is good for about 75 gallons, and after that you just buy some replacement water filters at 4 bucks each.

I wish it had been around in those days I squeezed my eyes closed and mixed formula with tap water in a pinch on the road. Yeah, I know. –Liz

Congratulations to LivPURE water bottle winners Renee F, Bessie G, and Jenny G!


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