For those of you who have seen the word vegan in the headline and are about to click away, don’t. Yes,
the meals in the newly reissued Vegan Lunch Box recipe book all skip the animal products, but even kids
who live on a diet of chicken nuggets will find things to love here.

Written by mom Jennifer
McCann who in 2005 started recording the daily lunch
box meals she packed for her first-grade son on her ambitious,
award-winning blog, Vegan Lunch Box, each meal in the book was selected for having earned a five-star rating from her son.

came upon this book after our daughter’s dairy allergy had us searching
for meal ideas that didn’t involve the ubiquitous cheese that seems to
be in every kid’s meal. I love that each menu features a complete lunch box meal with ideas for sandwiches, soups, quick breads, salads and even desserts. Jennifer also sprinkles little tidbits that she has learned in her own lunch-packing trials, like how to
feed a picky eater, how to roll sushi and how she got her son to eat a salad. That last breakthrough alone is worth the cover price.  – Christina

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