There are plenty of ways to pledge your allegiance to your presidential candidate – bumper stickers, t-shirts, anonymous troll comments on Daily Kos. But Dave’s Gourmet has perhaps the most appetizing idea with a line of presidential hot sauces that are perfect if you’re planning on hosting a convention-watching party. With buffalo wings.

Barack Obama and John McCain – along with earlier contenders on both sides of the aisle – each have their smiling mugs featured on a bottle of Cool Cayenne hot sauce, not the company’s trademark Insanity Sauce. Although in a way, the latter might be more fitting.

What’s really fun is that each bottle you buy “casts a vote” for the candidate with live results posted on site. In the end who wins? I’d say Cancer patients. All profits are going towards research. –Liz

Congratulations to Sandra K, winner of a six-pack of presidential hot sauces!


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