Hey, I’m trying to be more eco-conscious. I bring my own reusable bags to the grocery store which live in the trunk of my car so that I always have them on hand. But then there’s the inevitable stop-for-one-thing errands where I don’t actually stop for just one thing. Before I know it, I’m taking home a plastic bag. Because I didn’t have a bag with me.

Well, now that I’ve got an adorable RuMe Mini tucked away in my purse, I’m good to go. Secured with its self-velcro strap it’s about the size of my phone, but unfolded, it’s comparable to a plastic grocery bag only far more structured. And far more cute.

They’re designed in the USA and manufactured in a Fair Trade factory in South Korea too, so that’s a little extra virtue alongside the achievement of finally being prepared even when I’m getting “just one thing.” –Mir


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