I love a baby shower, but for the life of me, I have yet to bring home a favor that I don’t immediately pass off to my oldest as a “cool prize mommy picked just for you!” However if you decide to order up some of the yummy Baby Ladybug Chocolates from John and Kira’s, you can bet I’ll be keeping them for myself.

Featured in Gourmet and Food & Wine just to name a couple, we’re not the only ones to love this Philly-based mom and pop team’s creations.  Plus I love that they’ve successfully combined their love for chocolate and community service, sourcing ingredients from local farms plus giving back with their support of projects like a community garden for inner city kids.
If you can actually make it home from a shower before consuming these treats, then I give you my deepest respect because the sweet outer bug filled with dark chocolate ganache would have me popping them in the car. Lose the candles and plastic binkies, hostesses, and go for chocolate. Stat. -Kristen

[Thanks Heather!]


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