The Zinnias and Dahlias are out in full force at the farmer’s market, and I’m not ready to turn away from the floral jewelry just because Labor Day is behind us. I just stumbled on the pieces from Prismera Design and they’ve got a whole lot of pieces that are striking my September fancy.

Created by RISD pedigreed NY designer Laura Su, the pieces impart modern style on classic floral motifs–and even not-so-classic floral motifs, like the noctiflora collection.

I’m definitely digging the bold statement of the bronze cast Hopewell necklace (shown) as well as the gilded flor collection in which she hand-textures the gold dipped pendants. This could just be the pick-me-up I need as the sun starts setting earlier and earlier. –Liz

The gilded flora collection is currently 45% off the listed prices. PLUS with any order through 9/30 you’ll get a free platinum grey pearl necklace. Go now!

[via modish]


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