If I had any bit of sewing ability, you’d bet I’d whip up something for both my kids and forgo the annual trip to that big mouse store (ahem) to spend waaaay too much on a Halloween costume. Darn those preschoolers and their opinions about everything.

Since I can’t sew, I’m going to let someone else do it for me, which is why I love the new Dandy Social Club every day dress-up line exclusively at Mahar Dry Goods. Ditch the old itchy, scratchy, one-off costumes for a simply gorgeous Wonderland Dress or the Red Riding Hood Poncho. Got a pirate in the house? They’ve got you covered as well.

These costumes are made-to-order and in demand so you’ll want to have the foresight to grab them now. And if you’re worried about pricing, consider this — you’ll spend almost as much (if not more) on the flashy mass-produced costumes. Believe me, I’ve checked.  -Kristen


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