I’ll confess: When I first saw that Relish! required a small monthly fee for their meal planning service, I was skeptical. Sure, current economics and busy schedules have put me on the weekly meal planning train, but do I really need to pay for help here?

And then I had to eat my words, because oh man, Relish! is fantastic. Started by two busy moms, they’ll mail you every Thursday to remind you to plan for the following week, then provide an ever changing assortment of dinner suggestions for you to choose from.

Each menu is coded for various attributes — kid-friendly, low-calorie, crockpot–and none takes more than 30 minutes. If that weren’t enough (and really, that’s pretty awesome, already), the site then gives you the most brilliantly formatted shopping list ever with ingredients coded by meal and then categorized by grocery store aisle, including a list of “items you probably already have” set apart so you’re not adding oregano to your list. Positively brilliant.

(Pssst…living gluten-free? Check out their sister site, Gfree!)

Want lunchbox ideas, great dishes for a party, or to work on some freezer meals over the weekend? They’ve got you covered for all of that, too. Suddenly, $7 a month feels like an absolute steal. -Mir

[photo: tracey clark at shutter sisters]