When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was very careful about what I ate. No booze, no sushi, and hearing that soft, raw milk cheeses could be harmful, sat quietly weeping while my friends and family gorged on oozy, stinky Epoises. It was a tough nine months.

Those nine months can definitely feel full of culinary deprivation. That’s why the Expecting Mother Survival Kit from iGourmet is so awesome. It is as far away from deprivation as you can possibly get. In fact, it is positively indulgent. There is salty. There is sweet. There is crunchy. There is soft. Nearly every possible food craving can be indulged with this kit and it all comes in a cute re-usable ice cream party cooler.

Presumably to pair with those French cornichons. – Danielle

Congratulations to Katey O, winner of the $100 gift card!


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