Allow me to set the scene: It is January in New England, subzero temperatures, and I need to get out of the house with my newborn in a front carrier. I used to routinely wear my husband’s coat over the baby, which somehow managed to both be too big and too drafty, all at once. Also, I looked enormous.

Yeah, those were not exactly the good old days.

Back then I might’ve sold my soul for a Peekaru, a positively heroic Polartec vest-slash-front carrier. Yes, heroic. This ingenious little garment puts an end to freezing babywearers. Large enough to accommodate even a toddler, it gathers in at the bottom and zips at the neck, for maximum wind blockage. Baby gets a little head-hole, but is otherwise snug and covered.

Plus each Peekaru is made from 85% recycled materials–how does 25 plastic bottles saved from the landfill sound? My guess is you won’t want to give it up, even after your baby can trot alongside you. -Mir


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