When the time came to admit that even recycling the plastic bags from the supermarket was not enough, I did what any self-respecting tightwad would do: I bought the ugly bags they sell at the supermarket. I cannot begin to express my delight at having been saved from my dilemma by hotSACKS.

The construction is reminiscent of my store bags (though larger and sturdier), but instead of advertising a store’s name they promote my good taste with a rainbow of dots and swirls.

The bags contain 30% recycled content, are 100% recyclable, and an entire Ultimate Set of five bags is just $24.99. Don’t forget to grab a set of meshy hotSACKS for your produce, too; they’re also reusable, and weigh no more than the store plastic so you can weigh-and-pay while using them.

Now while I shop, I’m looking as good as I’m doing. I like that. -Mir

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