I’ve long questioned the appeal of the cotton *coughVeraBradleycough* handbag but that all ended when I met Nankeen. Okay, so I might be slightly biased since I’m Chinese and the bags are created using a combination of cotton, indigo dyes, and a traditional and centuries-old Chinese art form. But even without the Asian connection, you’ll be blown away by the bright, hand-dyed patterns, and equally as pleased with their fair labor and eco-conscious manufacturing practices.

For Winter, I’m drawn to the bold Bengal tote. It takes the structure of a leather duffel, but transforms it with the lighter weight cotton body and rich leather straps. Trust me, those big all-leather totes always look great in magazines, but not so great when they’re tipping over your stroller backwards. -Kristen

Congratulations to Kat W, winner of the Bengal tote from Nankeen!


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