My daughter, cursed with only a brother for company, regularly trots around the house with whatever doll she’s favoring that day and tell me it’s her little sister, and she’s taking very good care of her. Then she gives me a withering look, to let me know how I’ve let her down. Good times.

If you know two girls who need a little help appreciating their special bond, celebrate it with the gorgeous sterling silver lil sis/big sis cuff bracelets from Emmie Kate. Order the pair in baby size, child size, or one of each.

This set would be particularly great when you want need a gift that’s similar enough between both kids that there’s no squabbling, but different enough that they each still feel special. Though if either of them responds with, “I wish I had a brother,” you have my permission to swap out the bracelet for a lump of coal. -Mir


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