My mother-in-law is one of those grandmothers who prefers not to cover herself in all things grandchildren. I learned that the hard way when I found the adorable photo bag I bought her shoved in the back of a drawer at her summer-only beach condo last year.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love the kids as much as the next grandmom–she just likes her personalized gifts a little more subtle.That’s why the personalized sterling keychain from Vintage Pearl caught my eye. Handstamped by artist and mom Erin Edwards and very affordable at $20, the keychain can reflect whatever words you like. Which is great when your kids call grandma DeeDee (don’t ask) and you can’t find anything with that already on it. -Kristen

Make sure to order before 12/10 so you can get it in time for Christmas!

Congratulations to Heather R, winner of the personalized keychain!


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