Dear Santa,

This year, I’m asking you to avoid the following
toys: Dolls in midriff-baring clothes, licensed-character
clothing and anything so cheap it breaks before New Year’s. And,
most of all, lay low on things that need batteries.

Need a hint?
Consider bringing us imagiPLAY’s cool-looking, eco-friendly Pushalong Hybrid Car found at stellula blue. Sure, it doesn’t make a “vroom, vroom” noise, but the one my
son can make with his lips is much more endearing. It doesn’t climb the
walls on its own, but its grab-it-and-go design and rubber wheels,
would be able to maneuver anywhere he can reach. Most importantly, it doesn’t need electricity, a remote control, or even batteries to “work”; it’s ready for play whenever my son is.


Tired of AAA’s (a.k.a. Christina)


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