Elsa Carry-All handbag in faux patent leather
I am reluctant to give away my most Awesome Bag Ever tip, but…okay. The holiday spirit has grabbed me this week and I’m feeling generous.

The Elsa Carry-All has been my handbag mainstay since I won a free one (seriously, I won something myself!) earlier this year from most excellent indie shop Darlybird. The shiny faux patent leather in black (or red) makes it look cool for daytime with plenty of pockets for all the crap I seem to accumulate, but it can hold its own when I end up racing right from work to some cocktail-laden function. Plus I love that it’s roomy enough to handle my laptop without looking like a tote bag.

More than one NYC fashionista has protested when I confessed the price was only $58. Can you blame them? –Liz

Congratulations to Angela L, lucky winner of the Elsa Carry-All from Darlybird!

Stash all your stuff in an Elsa Carry-All handbag from Darlybird.


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