Make Your Own Homemade Baby Food
When my daughter was a baby, I made all of her baby food. I was only working part-time, and armed with an instruction book, I painstakingly filled ice cube tray after ice cube tray with pureed fruits and veggies. Once I had my son, I kind of lost steam, but I think if I had Chef Greg of Chef and Father by my side three years ago, I’d have gotten my baby food making mojo right back.

It must be said that Chef Greg is really cute, which definitely adds to the appeal of these cooking videos. But, cute only goes so far, so luckily he’s got the goods as well. These videos make it seem truly do-able to create great meals for your small children right from the very first volume that’s all about homemade baby food.

Plus? It’s a great way to save money in the coming year.

I always got amazed stares when I told people I made my own baby food. My response was typically a shrug. Today, I think I’d just respond with a copy of this DVD.Danielle


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