hope bracelet
I’m not necessarily one for wearing my affirmations on my sleeve (or on neon rubber bracelets) but every so often there’ s an expression that I wouldn’t mind having a little reminder of here and there. I think that San Diego artist Corine Grant captures some of the less cheesy mantras of the world beautifully on cool inspirational jewelry at her Etsy shop.

The pieces are extremely simple with completely hand-stamped sterling silver discs on waxed poly cord, and they come presented on very cool little cards, which is probably why shops like Fred Segal carry them. Because each piece of handmade jewelry is one is one-of-a-kind, the artist will take custom orders (no extra charge) or turn the bracelets into a necklace for you

The Hope silver disk seems to be an appropriate phrase for the week, but I’ve got to love The Right Time Is Always Now, presumably inspired by Martin Luther King’s quote, The time is always right to do what’s right. It’s a good mantra for a civil rights leader and also for a regular old mom. –Liz

The handmade silver jewelry from Corine Grant is available at the corinegrant Etsy shop. And Save 30% on your order now! Just mention Cool Mom Picks in notes to seller.

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