Generation O kids' t-shirt
It’s a big day, mamas. Really big day. So we appreciate you taking a sec out of your CNN-watching to join us here. Whichever way you swing politically, here’s to hoping that the next four years bring good things for all of us and our families. -Eds.

I am among those who hope to proudly wear the simple message of Gen O tees for many years to come, starting now. But whatever your leanings, you can’t help but laugh that these Obama baby onesies and kids’ t-shirts demand “Change” on the backside.

I can only imagine the enthusiasm designer and Boulder mom Danica Powell felt on election night when she impulsively
hand stamped the words “Generation O” on the front of her son’s onesie in off-kilter block lettering. Now, my whole family can share in her hope for the future since her soft cotton US-made shirts come in infant through adult sizes. Forget Gen X, Y or Z. I’d rather us all unite under Generation O. –Christina

Find Obama tees for kids and adults  at

Congratulations to Nichole E, winner of a Gen O tee of her choice!

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