Boon Ladybug Bath Pod
You’d think after spending at least ten minutes before bath time last night rinsing and cleaning out the bath toys, we would have invested in a new bath toy holder.  We lost our last one to broken suction cups and the one before that to size. Seriously, we have a lot of toys!

So at the top of this week’s must-buy list is Boon’s new lady bug bath pod. Similar to their frog pod, the lady bug bath storage container attaches to your bathroom wall, keeping those baby soaps and shampoos organized, and toys dripping dry. Just remove the red back, scoop up the toys, and reattach to the pod. You can easily rinse and drain them right after bath time is over. What a concept! -Kristen

Find the Boon Ladybug Bath Pod at Kangarooboo and save 10% off all non-sale items with code KCMP10 through 2/24. Don’t miss their sale section too right now – goodies abound.

Congratulations to Aaron V, lucky winner of the lady bug bath pod from Kangarooboo!

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