Anodized metal Rosebud Pendant from Polli
When my daughter was born, my favorite necklace was this big fat stone pendant. Exactly the kind of thing that you don’t wear with a newborn whose lack of neck control makes her head wobble and fall against your chest a hundred times a day.

With neck control now achieved, it’s now time for a new favorite and the top contender is this Rose Bud Pendant from Polli. Inspired by bushwalks in Tasmania, the pendant is light and delicate with a little bit of quirk, and wearable with just about anything. Which is good for me since matching things isn’t really my strong suit these days.

The ladies behind the company have chosen to use industrial
manufacturing techniques like anodizing, which can not only survive grabby baby hands, it’s one of the more environmentally-friendly metal finishing
techniques. Combine that with their commitment to recycling their
packaging and walking or riding bikes to work and you’ve got some
pretty good reasons to support their business.

But the best reason? The jewelry is fantastic. Prepare to spend a long time on their website. –New CMP contributor, Carrie. Welcome Carrie!

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Find beautiful earrings, pendants, homewares and more at Polli And keep in mind products are listed in AUD. A $60 necklace is actually $38 for earners of American dollars.

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