F train upcycled onesie from Frankenbaby
I continue to be impressed with the ingenuity of the crafters out there and how many awesome things people are doing with upcycled materials. Our latest find: The new-again baby clothes from Frankenbaby

Chicago designer (and cool Aunt) Virginia Tucker takes vintage tees and turns them from something outgrown and discarded into a baby one-piece that’s new and fabulous. She’s got a great eye for hip designs, and the workmanship she brings to them is really impressive.

upcycled chairman mao onesie
Obviously every handmade piece is one-of-a-kind, so if you see the Charirman Mao onesie or Doors L.A. Woman onesie of your dreams grab it now. –Liz

[thanks joe!]

Congratulations to Terra H, lucky winner of the Lady Luck onesie!

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