Children's rain boots at Vincent
You all know we’re kind of shoe nutty around here (our children’s shoes archives are ridiculous) and sometimes we feel like we’ve seen it all. But direct-from-Sweden CMP fave Vincent has come out with new children’s rainboots called Klas and surprised us with their ingenuity.

The idea is that most rainboots sized for earlier walkers are smaller size, but not lower in height. So basically you’ve got an awkward, off-balance kid trying to stumble through the rain with boots over his knees. But these – they’re lower. So with any luck, you’ll spend more time jumping in puddles with your toddler and less time lifting him up out of them. –Liz

Check out Vincent Shoes for a selection of cool — and affordable — childrens shoes and boots and because they’re a lovely affiliate of ours, they’re offering our readers 15% off all non-sale items with code COOLMOM when you order through this link.

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