vintage button ringsI’ve been smitten with big chunky rings for years, in fact long before I realized how brilliant they are for moms worried their grabby toddlers breaking the good stuff. So when I saw the selection of vintage button rings at Sprout Studio, I felt like it was a sign for me to stock up.

They’ve got super affordable rings for every taste, including my fave, the candy pop ring (the striped one shown at center). And with bright, bold colors making their way back into style this season, these adjustable rings are a great way to hop on a trend without a huge investment in a new wardrobe. Especially if you’re postpartum like me, still trying valiantly to fit back into last year’s clothes. -Kristen

In honor of Sprout Studio‘s 5th Birthday, CMP readers save an extra 25% off (including sale items) with code coolmom through 04/01/09 along with free shipping all month. Woo! Stock up on these chunky rings and other trendy accessories.

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