Go Gaga Messenger Bag
I’m definitely a bag freak, yes, even diaper bags, but my obsession tends to lean more towards fashionable handbags and less on the more practical sporty ones.

So for you active moms, I give you the Go Gaga messenger bag. Like some of the other messengers you might have seen, this bag is chock full of roomy pockets, and works well as a diaper bag, workout bag, heck, even a laptop bag. But what makes this do-it-all bag stand out is the ergonomic strap that distributes weight evenly across your back. And for you breastfeeding moms, the well-designed Go Gaga handbag won’t give you the dreaded and sometimes painful “boob smoosh” that most of the across the shoulder bags tend to do. Best of all, it easily works double duty as a dad bag.

That’s like five bags in one. But who’s counting? -Kristen

Check out all the cool tote and messenger bags at Go Gaga.

Congratulations to Karen W, lucky winner of the Go Gaga messenger bag!

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