Personalized adoration bangle bracelet from Taviametal
I have to admit I’ve never worn jewelry with my son’s name on it. But I honestly, when I saw these personalized bracelets called “adoration bracelets” from Taviametal my heart skipped a beat.

Tavia Brown is the inspired artist whose handcrafted jewelry strikes the perfect balance between edgy and sweet — perfect for certain types of moms out there (hiya) who want to express how much they adore the special people in their lives without wearing something that screams This has my kid’s name on it! Now go, “Awwwwww.”

Each bracelet is a hand made, one-of-a-kind, sterling silver creation. You can even customize the inside of the bangle if you’d rather your message be more private. With Mother’s Day just around the corner you may want to start hinting immediately — or better, just forward this post. How easy is that? –Betsy

Beautiful handmade personalized jewelry from Taviametal would make a great Mother’s Day gift for the woman who forwarded you this post. HINT. HINT.

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