Framed alphabet prints from binth
I love buying artwork for baby gifts, but the idea of actually taking the time to get something framed is a bit of pain in the postpartum rear. So fortunately CMP (and pretty much every design blog) fave Binth Studio has a new line of wonderful framed prints, at prices that would make you think they’re not.

You can imagine why the single letter alphabet prints are hugely popular already, especially at just $28 each. Man, you can hardly get a single letter alphabet onesie for that these days. But I also love their line of $38 city prints featuring colorful modern depictions of New York, Chicago, LA, Berlin, Paris or London.  

London print from Binth
They’d not only make great gender-neutral baby shower gifts, they’d be cool for a world-traveling best friend, or even your own bedroom walls. They’re certainly cheaper than a plane ticket to any of those destinations these days. Or frankly, just the cab ride to the airport.  –Liz

Find prints and posters and more online at Binth.

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