Kids' t-shirt with applique felt from Brittain Road
There’s no shortage of cute children’s tees out there; we ought to know, considering how many of them we’ve featured. But we’re still always on the lookout for cool new kids’ t-shirt designs that make us sit up and take notice, like the super-cute felt and fabric appliqued tees from Brittain Road. These creative, hand-stitched designs incorporate details that elevate them far beyond the typical tee — like the little buttons on the Mary Janes tee and the propeller on the Orange Submarine tee

You can get them as tees or onesies as an extra-special gift for a new mama, or grab the kids’ number tee to honor your own birthday boy or girl. Just in case you want your kid to stand out already more than he or she already does. -Julie

Find these appliqued tees and onesies at Brittain Road’s Etsy shop


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