Mother's Day corsage brooch - felted
I have always hated corsages; they’re stiff and poke-y and awkward and dated, and they start drooping and looking sad almost immediately. But a brooch made to look like a beautiful flower? That’s a concept I can get behind.

We featured a leather flower brooch in this year’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide, but if it’s possible, I may love these felted ones from Kireina Paper even more. The Bloesem Brooch (pictured) is perfect for both conservative and fashion-forward moms alike, with its pretty two-tone pink petals and deep green leaves. I could see wearing this pinned on the lapel of a blazer or adorning the strap of my favorite tank top.

And because it comes with a hand-caligraphed and personalized “Happy Mother’s Day” gift tag from artist Nicole Ossola, there’s still time to make her go “Awww, you shouldn’t have. But glad you did.” -Mir

Get your Bloesem Brooch or other Mother’s Day brooches from Kireina Paper and make sure to order by 4/29 to make Mother’s Day gift delivery!

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