Bendaroos flower
Because I’m skeptical of anything that yells AS SEEN ON TV! at me, I admit my initial thought was oh no…what kind of toxic garbage are those pipe cleaner looking Bendaroos (warning – loud sound when you click over) made out of?

The answer? Strings covered in wax. Oh sorry, that’s magical wax.

My nearly four year-old has gone nutty for these things over the past week, twisting them and bending them and torturing our cats with them just a wee bit. At her age she can make the basic butterflies and lollipops in the instruction guide with my help, while older kids can go nuts with more complex designs. And all the while you don’t have to worry about poisonous stuff in your kids hands, or a major mess on yours. –Liz

Snag your own Bendaroos kids’ craft sticks at

Congratulations to lucky Bendaroos winner ML!

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