blue topaz necklace
I’m not a delicate flower of a lady and I don’t tend to wear delicate little necklaces. I’ll take mine big and chunky and unafraid of attention, thank you very much, which is why I have my eye on the Robin Mollicone drop necklaces spotted at Orange Lola.

This Pratt jewelry instructor and artist has conjured up a simple but funky London Blue Topaz Necklace that looks like a perfect spring pick-me-up. But I’d probably get more use out of the Lemon Quartz Necklace which can work as a more surprising neutral. Especially considering the price on that lemon quartz one — just under $50. Them’s buying words. –Liz

Find jewelry from Robin Mollicone and a ton more at Orange Lola. And save 10% off any purchase with code “coolmom”!


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