Slim canvas tote bag in aqua burst blue by Ivan & Mary
When the skinny jean trend began I thought, “what masochist would want to squeeze herself into jeans that are bound to make you feel anything but skinny?” Yup. I was just such a masochist. So, I’ve decided when it comes to the skinny trend I’ll stick to things like the canvas tote bag from Ivan & Mary, and right in time for the first unofficial day of summer.

Slimmer than your average tote bag, but just as high quality and durable, these downsized canvas bags are ideal for those of us who would rather carry what we need rather than everything we possibly can. My laptop fit perfectly inside, along with a book and my day planner (or a few diapers and wipes if you’re so inclined), and there are a few inside pockets for my cell phone and sunglasses case. The simple magnetic snap closure is a nice touch. But the biggest draw for me are the fantastic designs; I’m currently sporting the aqua burst tote (shown) — perfect for spring/summer.

At just $39 a piece, I’d say if you’re looking for an easy way to slim down for the season, start with your tote.–Betsy

Find the slim canvas tote bag online at Ivan & Mary.

Congratulations to Erin B, lucky winner of a slim tote from Ivan & Mary!

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