tattoo toy watch
If you’re not ready to commit to the permanence of a tribal band or a flying heart tattoo, how about one you can slip off your wrist each night before bed? We just discovered that cult favorite timekeeper, Toy Watch, has a collection of tattoo watches featuring tribal motifs that are pretty darn cool, including a new group of vibrant floral tattoos that can make any one of us look a wee bit less mom. Even on the days we’re rocking the yoga pants with grape juice stains.

If you’re not familiar with Toy Watch and their wild celebrity following – everyone from Ashley Simpson to Al Gore seems to be sporting them these days – it’s kind of Swatch 2.0. Think anti-luxe, oversized Italian watches with “plasteramic” faces and clean, durable design. With most styles at just under $200 (hold the bling) it’s a justifiable fashion indulgence these days.

By the way, the neon watches in bright orange or lime green would be a great Father’s Day gift for the fashion-forward man of the house. Which of course, you’d be obligated to borrow. –Liz

Find the cool watches from Toy Watch at Toy Watch USA or in a ton of stores.

Congratulations Danielle, super-lucky winner of the white tribal watch from Toy Watch!


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